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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 31

31 weeks and your baby is packing on the weight. Babies will gain roughly ½ a pound a week
from this point until they are born. Today, your baby weighs about 3 ½ pounds and is about 16 ½ inches
long. You probably feel your baby move a lot and we see that all on ultrasound too. They absolutely
have personalities now and they have a basic understanding about how gravity works. Over the years, I
have learned that babies at this stage turn the opposite direction when I have mom flip on to her side.
Sometimes, I use reverse psychology. I’ll turn momma onto their left side to get the baby to turn toward
mom’s right side for instance. I see their personality sometimes when I roll mom like this. I’ll turn on the
color right after mom turns and can see the baby frown or pout. Sometimes they look like they are
laughing like they are on a roller coaster. Personality.

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