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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our friendly staff is more than happy to help you get ready for your big day. 

Please Call before booking, timing & prepping in advance = Good Imaging…

Unfortunately, insurance will not cover our ultrasounds because this is not a diagnostic ultrasound. We do elective ultrasound imaging, and it will have to be paid for using a debit or credit card to book your appointment. If you ladies follow instructions, drink lots of water, the results are phenomenaldue to your incredible hydration. 
There are ladies that have different cards, care credit or HSA, You’re welcome to try to use those when you book your appointment online, or try to us them to n our PayPal.
Call us when you try to book, and we will give you our PayPal account.

Baby starts Growing little sprigs of hair around 25 weeks, you’ll be able to see small little sprigs in the black-and-white imaging.
Can’t tell the eyecolor or the hair color, but you shouldn’t be surprised when they get here at some of that excess of hair some of these babies have right after birth.

They start being able to hear at 19 weeks, Mama’s voice makes them turn their head & listen.
Others that are around them start to become extremely noticeable. Pay attention during your ultrasound to how they act to your voice.

According to research, babies can start to recognize voices in the womb by the third trimester, which is around the 27th week of pregnancy. At this stage, the fetus’s hearing is well-developed, and they can hear sounds from outside the womb. Studies have shown that fetuses can distinguish between different sounds, including their mother’s voice, and can even recognize and remember certain melodies or words that they were exposed to repeatedly during pregnancy. This early exposure to sounds and voices may play a role in shaping the baby’s preferences and behaviors after birth.

Baby start developing a personality as early as 24 to 25 weeks. They become quite active, and you can feel them with most ladies come in around 28 or 29 weeks. Some ladies have lots of trouble sleeping because babies are so active. Hope you get some sleep during your pregnancy.

No, no one can guarantee anything in life, but I can guarantee, if you Call in advance advance, Ask questions, prep accordingly & drink The recommended amount of water you must drink, you should get some Good looking images. If you Do Not do this, it is on YOU, this is not a Majical Affiar. I would call first, ask questions, prep myself Extremely well to get images like the ones on thier Gallery, like those ladies did, that called before Booking The ball is in your court, the rest is up to us, we work extremely hard when we do our ultrasounds,  even more, on well prepped clients.

If we find something concerning, we immediately call your doctor so we can follow the proper protocol and schedule a diagnostic exam. This has always been our protocol since we opened in 2007. We always prioritize the health of every mother and her child.

You can book your appointment online, I would suggest calling us first at 770-502-0225, to ask question before booking. We have answers. We want you to feel comfortable about what we do. So do not hesitate to call & ask any questions.

Gender ultrasounds can be performed as early as 14 weeks on mothers who were a pre-pregnancy size 12-14 or smaller*. To guarantee great images, you will need to hydrate by drinking 6+ bottles of water for five (5) days before your appointment especially at the Bigger Baby imaging. This will give us the clarity we need to determine the sex & give you an accurate due date.

*If your pre-pregnancy size was 16+ or weigh 200+ pounds, we strongly recommend scheduling a gender ultrasound at 16+ weeks.

Our ultrasounds use sound waves, just the same as your doctor would, to project the beautiful images of the baby in updated 3D & High Definition imaging. Some people think it might be radiation, but it’s not.
To get the best images expecting mothers should drink 6+ bottles of water for five (5) days before her session. This routine will produce awesome amniotic fluid that helps capture clear images during the session.

The average is between 25-34 weeks, depending on pre-pregnancy, height, weight, and location of her placenta. These factors determine when best to come in. We encourage all of our mothers to Call us and have a conversation before they book. We will ensure you come at the right time and we can walk you through the entire process. This is crucial if you want beautiful dynamic images.

One Call does it all, Everyone wants the best looking images of your Baby. We have been doing Ultrasounds since 1990, we will answer all your questions & get you in at the right time to see  your Baby.

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