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Ultrasound Imaging Packages

2D Reassurance

2D Reassurance


+ Tax

2D Gender Determination

2D Gender Determination


+ Tax

Sneak Peak 3D/4D/HD Live

Gotta Know Sneak Peak 3D/4D/HD Live
Up to 22 Weeks


+ Tax

Daily Special 3D/4D/HD Live

Daily Special 3D/4D/HD Live *Babies 22+ Weeks


+ Tax

3D4DHD Package

3D/4D/HD Live Package
*Best For Babies 22+ Weeks


+ Tax

Total Package

Total Package 3D/4D/HD Live **Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

Twins Package

Twins Package 3D/4D/HD Live
**Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

More of Baby's 3D/4D/HD Live Package

More of Me 3D/4D/HD Live
**Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

Package Disclaimer

A 3% surcharge processing fee on debit and credit transactions. All packages are subject to change due to availability and resources. Please contact a Baby Dimensions’ Staff Member for the most current information.

Call to get viable information and answers before you book, very important to your images.

We are here to answer all your concern. Contact us today. Our friendly staff is more than happy to help you get ready for your big day.

Fluid Required

14 cm of amniotic fluid in your womb is essential for good imaging of larger babies.

Ask your doctor where your placenta is if you had your diagnostic, it should be in the chart but I would mention it during my Diagnostic exam to be safe.”

Arriving on Time

“Newnan has become a very crowded metropolis, please account for delays and back ups that may occur on your trip to see us. Arriving 10 minutes into your session, especially on the bigger babies, will rush us to do the job we are supposed to perform. You can’t rush a baby that is already stressed when you show up late, I will have less time to perform my job.

Keep that in mind for your travels the day of your session.”

Video Purchase

If you did not purchase a flash drive when you booked your appointment, there is a $15 per video charge for the email link. We strongly recommend purchasing flash drives so you can save every precious moment and take it home right away.

Gender Determination Disclaimer

Although gender can be determined as early as 14 weeks, for mommies pre-pregnancy size 18+, it is highly recommended making an appointment after 16 weeks and in some cases 18 weeks may optimal. This will increase the visibility and the accuracy produced by the imaging in your session.

Pregnant Woman Should Remember To Hydrate

Remember to Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water  is not just great for the health of your baby but it will help facilitate the best possible Ultrasound images. Taking in at least six (6) bottles of water for a minimum of five (5) days before your appointment will guarantee you get the great look at your little one. Keeping this habit up will pay dividends as it help the development of your baby’s precious lungs

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Baby Dimensions features Voluson Elite 6 for Ultrasound imaging. We combine the best technology with a dedicated operator to bring you the ultimate Ultrasound experience.

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Our services come ARMDS certified with over 30 years of vast OB experience. Our baby knowledge is always sound.

What Mothers Say About Us

See what our mothers have to say about their experience with Baby Dimensions.

The staff there was very nice and friendly. The fact we drove from Lagrange to the appointment , we wasn’t able to arrive 5 mins early and we was a few mins late. They still saw us . Very professional and comfortable , you sit in a comfy chair that lets back . Will definitely come again for my next pregnancy


    Google Reviews

    We used baby dimensions to find out the gender of our baby. They were great about not giving any hints of the gender since we were having a party. The facility is comfortable for just you and your significant other or for a large group. We will be back for our 28 week ultrasound to hopefully see our baby’s little face. The staff was welcoming and accommodating.

      LINDSAY H.

      Google Reviews

      This was so awesome!!! Our families got together to see some of the first images of the sweetest face I've ever laid eyes on!!! 7/4/15 hurry up please

        AIRIEL J.

        Yelp Reviews

        Stacy and Jill are wonderful, accurate, and never disappoint. They are a great team and go above and beyond to serve pregnant women and give them a chance to see their sweet babies. 💚 10 outta 10 recommended by our family!

          ERICA W.

          Facebook Reviews

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