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Baby Dimensions  provides a unique list of luxury services to accommodate the modern family.

About Baby Dimensions

When I opened Baby Dimensions in 2007, I wanted to be the best elective ultrasound studio in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and I think I have achieved that. With over 400 4.9-star reviews on google, our clients think so too. If you are thinking of doing a 3D and 4D ultrasound , I urge you to consider us first. Our facilities are an easy drive down I-85 and right off the interstate. Our Newnan facility is only 37 minutes from downtown Atlanta and a few extra minutes is worth the drive to get the best session possible. Please make sure you call us for important information before booking so you are well prepped for those beautiful images. Our business phone is not a landline, it is a cell phone and we will answer it immediately, or call you right back. We even answer our phone on holidays! You can also message us through our Facebook page.
About Baby Dimensions

Other imaging places can offer similar services, but we feel the need to go further. It’s so important to educate our clients, listen to them, and explain  What further separates us from the competition is the Voluson Elite with 2D/3D/4D/HD Live Imaging software.

With this we can provide our clients with the absolute very best quality of their precious little one! We absolutely love what we do – we host baby showers, the very popular gender-reveal parties and most importantly, keep mamas happy! So, go ahead – bring on the family and friends! Our studio can host up to 20 people comfortably to enjoy the session. We implore you to look at the competitions images, satisfaction rates and their stories. We can’t be beat! We cannot wait to share this special moment and provide you and your family memories, laughter and beautiful images and videos for a lifetime!

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Baby is Making Faces

Baby Is Making Faces

At Baby Dimensions, we strive to create an intimate experience with your baby that is second to only holding your baby in your arms.  

Six (6) bottles of water for 5 days before you appointment is most important for highest quality images of your baby.

Sonographer Stacey Livingston

Stacey Livingston has been doing ultrasounds for over 30 years in hospitals and OB/GYN offices. After becoming a registered x-ray technician, her superiors suggested she cross train and once she did she found her passion! After seven years of obstetrics ultrasounds she had an epiphany – to open her own studio!

In 2007, she opened Baby Dimensions and has been over the moon ever since! She looks forward to seeing couples and large groups come in and capture the amazing moments of their little one! She loves building rapport with her clients and feels that it’s most important listening to her clients concerns and questions.
Stacey has a full love and drive for her passion of doing ultrasounds that she owes all the thanks in the world to the wonderful ladies that she has had the opportunity to scan in her time.
Stacey’s hobbies and pastimes include spending time with family, vacationing and enjoying college football!
Sonographer Stacey Livingston
Stacey Livingston

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We offer an assortment of ultrasound bundles and early orientation assurance at 13 weeks.

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At Baby Dimensions, we offer a range of high-quality Ultrasound imaging. 

Baby Showers & Gender Reveals

Learn more about gender determination, 3D 4D ultrasound, and the services we offer.