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Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

We can host your baby shower or gender reveal party! 3 hours are blocked off for a relaxing and fun baby shower or gender reveal party! You will have the entire facility for friends and family to enjoy the snacks you bring and seeing your baby! Please call us at 770-502-0225 for all the details and for pricing! 

Gender Reveals

Planning a gender reveal? We would love to help! 

We can do your reveal party however you request! We can hide the baby’s gender and present it to you or a family member in an envelope so that you may do your gender reveal later. We can also reveal it to you and your family right in the room as we scan!  All the fun, suspense and camaraderie with family and friends makes for an exciting day! You choose!    

We want to ensure the accuracy of your gender scan! For women petite to average in size (clothing size 0 – 14), we can do gender ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks. For full figured women (clothing size 16+), we can do gender ultrasounds 15-16 weeks, please call and speak with us first so we can make sure you come in at the correct time.

Gender Reveals
Baby Showers

Baby Showers

We have had several ladies that call us up, come in and view our studio and had their shower here. A three hour window comes with that event, gives you 30 minutes to set up, and 30 minutes to break down, however, should you need more time, no problem at all, We charge $75 an hour for any additional time you need.
Your shower will come with the total deluxe package, you will receive several  images of baby, A video of your session with the baby’s ultrasound in it, as well as the baby’s Digital ultrasound, and measurements. Your baby’s heartbeat will also be recorded to a device that can be placed in our one of our Heartbeat Animal to pick out as a gift! You can loop your baby video during your baby shower which will allow your little one to be the star of your shower moving around in 4D/HD Live!
Our studio can accommodate up to 20 guests. There are two additional rooms to make accommodations for food drinks and knickknacks as well as gifts.

Please feel free to reach out to us with additional questions. We’re happy to answer them and any other additional details that will accommodate you and your guests on the big day. We will be more than happy to show you around the office before you book your Party.

Baby showers start at $425.

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Our Clients Reviews

See what our customers have to say about their experience with Baby Dimensions.

I had an awesome experience with this place getting to see my little girl at this 3D/4D ultrasound! I’m very excited to go back again for my second ultrasound of this pregnancy. They were so friendly and we had so much fun! 💓

    - Jessica Y.

    Absolutely love this place! We went to a different 3D ultrasound place and they couldn’t get an image of my baby’s face and the images they got of the rest of his body were awful! Went to baby dimensions and it was such better quality! Not to mention SO MUCH NICER!

      - Leigh B.

      Loved baby Dimensions. Went here with my first pregnancy and now going back with my second. They are so nice and go into every detail with you. Love getting to see my baby with the ultrasounds they do and how they video the whole experience. The ladies who work her are such a big help to make sure you drink plenty of water so your images are clear and super nice. Will always recommend this place.

        - Danielle J