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2D/3D/4D & HDLive Ultrasounds in Newnan GA, Also Serving the Atlanta & Surrounding Areas

2D Imageing

2D Imaging

We frequently conduct first-time ultrasounds, which provide immense reassurance to expectant mothers upon seeing their babies for the first time. For $50, you can receive invaluable information about your child through black-and-white imaging, similar to what your doctor uses. This non-invasive procedure has been in use since the mid-50s and utilizes ultrasonic sound waves.

3D Imaging

When doing 3D imaging, you will see your baby in vivid, sharp color, especially if they come in well-hydrated, giving them a much more detailed look. You will be fascinated at their beauty, be able to see whose nose the baby will have when they arrive, see sprigs of hair, and some of them may even have their eyes open at that time.

4D Live Ultrasound

Everyone seems to be fascinated by 4D imaging, it’s basically watching them move in 3D. Both 3D & 4D ultrasounds use sound waves to create the Live imaging video effect. An ultrasound with today’s technology is essential to an expecting lady. A scan done by a trained ARDMS OB professional helps give them Peace of mind.

HD Live imaging

High Definition

High-definition will be still images of your baby in fascinating in detail when you are well hydrated. It increases depth perception making images more realistic. It allows us to create lighting, and shadowing effects to make images more realistic. We provide HD live as part of our packages, Some babies will look better in one color than the other because of their placenta and where it is located.

Prepping for your session says everything about the clarity of the images. 

Contact Us

Please call for information and we can answer all of your questions, about hydration, timing, and where your placenta is located. This is important to get the best images possible.

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Additional Information

There will be no exchanges or refunds of any product bought at Baby Dimensions once you have left our office. Please inspect any product before you leave after your session.


Welcome to Baby Dimensions
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Welcome To Baby Dimensions, we do
2D/3D/&4D & HDLive Ultrasound in
Newnan Ga & the Atlanta Surrounding Areas.





Congratulations on your pregnancy! This may be one of the most exciting times in your life. I hope your morning sickness is not too overwhelming. And it may not feel like it now, but yes, you will live.

I’ve been scanning babies since 1990 and I am ARDMS Registered in obstetrics. I have saved several babies in my career as a sonographer, and many of them have been right here in our studio. It is very rare, but if I see something that concerns me, I will stop scanning, let you know that something concerns me, and that I am calling your doctor. That’s how much your baby means to me, and time is of the essence.

We’re going to have lots of fun together at your session! You are welcome to come as a couple or bring some friends and family to enjoy the show. It is very important to make sure your baby is awake for the session. It makes it much easier for me to work with them, so make sure to drink a small amount of juice just before your session if it is okay with your doctor. It’s a mind-blowing experience to see your baby before they get here, along with all the fascinating things that they do.

Before booking, it’s important to have a conversation with me. I’ll answer all of your questions, ask you a few, and we’re gonna get you in here well-hydrated at the right time and blow your mind. That’s what our studio is all about.

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Why Choose Us?


Our staff has over 30 years of experience doing OB ultrasounds. We are very passionate about helping you see your baby no matter how difficult they may be.

Best Timing Policy

Ultrasounds can be done as early as 14 weeks on women who are size 12/14 and under before pregnancy. When doing big baby Imaging, we suggest you call for info before you book, especially if you did not come to us to do your gender.

Great With Twins

We love viewing Twins at Baby Dimensions. There’s no extra charge for moms under 19 weeks, we will split the images between your babies. Twins packages need to be done as early as 22 weeks, especially on petite ladies.

Quality First Guarantee

Nobody is perfect but we strive to make every visit exceptional with our attention detail and responsibility to give you the best images and video possible!

What Service We Offer

We’ve positioned our beautiful offices near where you live, work, and travel. You can schedule same- or next-day appointments that start on time.

Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Make it special & unique for Mom without breaking the bank.  We can custom-make it to fit your budget, or go with the whole shebang, including an ultrasound package with all the trimmings.

Call for info, and details of the whole package.

Gender Reveals

Gender Reveals

Gender reveal parties can be done as early as 14 weeks, on ladies that are average, size 12/14 of smaller.  Come by yourself or bring a group.

We do Gender Determination for your Reveal Party & have the envelope for your Party…
Call us for more information!

Prep well before you session, that is what makes Good, clear imaging of your Baby.

Knick-Knacks and Heartbeat Animals

Knick-Knacks and Heartbeat Animals

We have several onesies, shower cakes, hand made collegiate products as we as Big and Small heartbeat animals to choose from for purchase.

Feel free to search this page to get an idea of some of the animals offered & we have Lots of animals to choose from for gifts…


See your baby in the most extraordinary way imaginable

We take pride in providing world-class service at the convenience of our clients.

What makes Baby Dimensions a great Ultrasound Studio?

At Baby Dimension we truly value being able to bring you outstanding 1st photos & a memorable experience seeing your new baby with your family.

Pricing & Packages

Baby Dimensions offer an assortment of ultrasound packages. We do early 1st ultrasounds on ladies that do not want to wait on the Dr. appt.  

3D/4D Gallery

We offer a range of high-quality ultrasound imaging. They all come with 3D & HD images. The bigger packages come with videos, measurements, and heartbeat animals.

Videos are available as add-ons.
Call for more information.

Baby Showers & Gender Reveals Envelopes

Learn more about gender determination, 3D, 4D & HDLive ultrasounds, and the services we offer.  Call for more info… 

Our Studio Gallery

Experience the delight and love of holding with your unborn youngster while survey the 3D/4D ultrasound pictures.

Our Clients Reviews

See what our customers have to say about their experience with Baby Dimensions.

I had an awesome experience with this place getting to see my little girl at this 3D/4D ultrasound! I’m very excited to go back again for my second ultrasound of this pregnancy. They were so friendly and we had so much fun! 💓

    - Jessica Y.

    Absolutely love this place! We went to a different 3D ultrasound place and they couldn’t get an image of my baby’s face and the images they got of the rest of his body were awful! Went to baby dimensions and it was such better quality! Not to mention SO MUCH NICER!

      - Leigh B.

      Loved baby Dimensions. Went here with my first pregnancy and now going back with my second. They are so nice and go into every detail with you. Love getting to see my baby with the ultrasounds they do and how they video the whole experience. The ladies who work her are such a big help to make sure you drink plenty of water so your images are clear and super nice. Will always recommend this place.

        - Danielle J

        FAQ's About 3D 4D Sonogram in Atlanta & Newnan, GA

        Make sure you are well hydrated 6 bottles/5 days before your appointment. Everyone should have a doctor, if we were see something that concerns us, you have a physician that can help you, if that happens, better to be safe. Talk to your doctor and see where your placenta is located if you come in after 20 weeks, that should be noted in your chart after your anatomy scan. After you know, call, we will tell you the best time to come in. 

        1. An anterior placenta
        2. Where your placenta is located.
        3. 14+ cm of amniotic fluid (minimum recommended for our scans)
        1. Call us 1st, before you Book, Very Important. 24 to 32 weeks is the best time for most imaging. Timing, hydration & placenta are key factors, call 1st.
        2. Must be a size 14 waist or smaller to complete a gender determination at 14 weeks**
        3. Be EXTREMELY hydrated
        4. Be on time to your booked session
        1. FaceTime, Zoom and other video chat services are encouraged to incorporate family during your session so they too can see the revealing of your baby right along with you. 
        2. Every ultrasound session of the baby is recorded. Your entire video including audio is available for purchase via USB Flash Drive. (Not included with all packages)
        3.  Arrive 10 minutes early for your booked appointment
        We do ultrasounds as early as 14 weeks on women who are size 12/14, about 170 or smaller before pregnancy.
        If you are larger than 170lbs, Before pregnancy, we urge you to call before booking. You may need to wait two weeks longer to do your session based on your size.
        Your body size before pregnancy, height, and placenta location determine the best time for you to come in and have your imaging. We tell ladies who are doing the bigger baby session to call us before they book to be well informed. 
        There is nothing worse than coming in too late or ill-prepared.
        We look forward to hearing from all of you ladies that have read this section. 
        Your images will look better for following instructions and making the call before booking.
        “Knowledge is Power.”

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