Baby Dimensions - 3D Ultrasound / 4D Ultrasound in Atlanta, GA

A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 27

27 weeks and your baby is just over 3 months away from being here! Babies are now just over
14 inches long and weigh 2 pounds. This is the perfect time for petite women to get their 3D/4D
ultrasound since they have chubby cheeks but haven’t gotten squished in there. Good pictures also
depend on if your placenta is in the front or in the back. The placenta gets thicker as the pregnancy
develops and if it is in the front, it will get thick enough to push up against the baby’s face and not get
those clear, pretty pictures. It doesn’t hurt the baby; it just makes it more difficult to get the baby in a
good pocket of fluid.

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