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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 28

28 weeks and your baby is about 2 ¼ lbs. and about 14 ¾ inches from head to toe. On
ultrasound they have distinct facial features that will become even more defined by the time they are
born. If you had an ultrasound now, you could do those side-by-side pictures with the newborn pictures
of this same baby. The only difference would be that the newborn baby will be fatter. This is the third
trimester and I personally call it the home stretch. The baby will respond to momma’s touch specifically!
I’ve learned that if I can’t get the baby to move, I will ask momma to gently tap on the baby’s rear and
after about 30 seconds, the baby will move for momma! I’ve tested my theory with other family
members and momma is usually the one they move for. I try to demonstrate this on the 4D color
motion, and it always works! They will even make expressions while we are watching!

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