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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 12

12 weeks and you are finished with your first trimester. This is also another milestone that I hear some
of my midwife friends talking about. At 12 weeks, the odds drop significantly of the chance for a miscarriage. A
lot of my clients worry about that, and it is good to put that information in here. Your baby is developing
reflexes this week. As you watch on ultrasound, if you gently prod the baby through the abdomen, you will see
the baby react to the prodding. You may even see the toes wiggle or the fingers curl into a fist. You could even
see the baby kick you, although you still might not feel it yet. The eye muscles are now functioning, and the
mouth can open and close. Inside the baby, the nerve cells are rapidly forming, and, in the brain, the synapses
are starting to fire. Your baby’s face is now unmistakably human appearing, although they are very skinny still.
The eyes and ears are in the correct position and from the top of the head to the rear end, your baby is right at
about 2 inches and only weighs half an ounce. This is about the size of a lime.

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