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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 13

13 weeks and only one week away from being able to determine the gender by ultrasound! This week
they are forming fingerprints on the tiny fingertips, veins are being formed under the thin skin and organs are
getting larger and more detailed. The body is becoming more proportioned to the baby’s head and the baby is
measuring just under 3 inches long. On ultrasound, it is obvious that your baby is getting stronger by the way
they can turn all the way over and do somersaults as you watch. This week your baby’s kidneys start
functioning and they release urine into the womb starting to make their own amniotic fluid. The spleen is also
starting to work to produce red blood cells which carries oxygen all around the tiny body. Sometimes I can see
the baby suck their thumb and grab their toes.

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