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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 34

34 weeks! You are so close to meeting your baby! That baby is about 5 pounds now and is about
18 ¾ inches long. When I do an ultrasound on babies at this stage and beyond, I notice that they like to
try to put their hands directly between the womb wall and their face. It’s like they are pushing me away
and they don’t want to be bothered. I also notice that when I try to move their hands off their face, they
pull their knees up to their elbows and prop the hands in their face. These babies have some clever
moves! This is also why, if you are going to do an elective ultrasound at this stage, you must drink lots of
water the week before. The more water you drink, the more amniotic fluid is produced and that allows
me to maneuver the baby easier.

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