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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 21

You are now 21 weeks pregnant! Your baby weighs close to a pound and is approximately 11
inches long from head to foot. Now is when you will discover what your baby’s sleep and wake patterns
are. Will your baby be a night sleeper and awake during the day? Or will they be more active at night as
you lay down to go to sleep. Many moms say that what the baby does during the pregnancy, is what
they do after they are born. Some of the other physical developments include the baby’s eyebrows and
eyelids are fully developed. The baby appears a little chunkier on ultrasound and you will be able to start
seeing certain features such as whose nose they have or maybe the ears are shaped like yours. They will
be exhibiting their own personalities now. At this stage, the eyelids will start to unseal, and you may see
the baby start opening their eyes on ultrasound. The permanent teeth buds are forming up in the gums
and you can see these on the black and white ultrasound. It is at this point that I have noticed that some
babies exhibit dominant right or left arm movements. I always suspected that which arm will be
dominant begins in the womb. It turns out to be true. Several scientific studies have proven this.

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