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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week – Week 19

You are 19 weeks now and can probably feel movements of the baby. This is the time my daughter
started being able to see her baby bump. Your baby’s sensory development is now complete. The areas of the
baby’s brain that will be used for touch, taste, hearing, smell, and vision are being refined. Your baby is about 7
inches long and weighs almost 9 ounces. A slight fuzz is beginning to sprout on the head as hair, however, you
would not be able to see this on ultrasound yet. You should be able to see several other things on 3D/4D
ultrasound, though, if you were to have one. For one thing, you can see the baby’s kneecaps and see the baby
kick hard against the wall of the womb. The baby likes to roll over and even stand on their head! They are not
coordinated enough yet to consistently stick the foot in the mouth, but you might catch them doing this as you
watched. Rubbing the back of the head or grabbing the ears may be seen at this time. This is also the time
when most doctors start scheduling the anatomy ultrasound for you. Doctors wait until this point to make sure
all the anatomy is formed so they can see the organs clearly. The anatomy scan is when your doctor should be
able to officially tell the gender.

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