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Ultrasound Imaging Packages

2D Reassurance

2D Reassurance


+ Tax

2D Gender Determination

2D Gender Determination


+ Tax

Sneak Peak 3D/4D/HD Live

Gotta Know Sneak Peak 3D/4D/HD Live
Up to 22 Weeks


+ Tax

Daily Special 3D/4D/HD Live

Daily Special 3D & HD Images *Babies 22+ Weeks


+ Tax

3D4DHD Package

3D/4D/HD Live Video Package
*Best For Babies 22+ Weeks


+ Tax

Total Package

Total Package 3D/4D/HD Live **Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

Twins Package

Twins Package 3D/4D/HD Live
**Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

More of Baby's 3D/4D/HD Live Package

More of Me 3D/4D/HD Live
**Best For Babies 22+ Week


+ Tax

Package Disclaimer

A 3% surcharge processing fee on debit and credit transactions. All packages are subject to change due to availability and resources. Please contact a Baby Dimensions’ Staff Member for the most current information.

Call to get viable information and answers before you book, very important to your images.

We are here to answer all your concern. Contact us today. Our friendly staff is more than happy to help you get ready for your big day.

Gender Determination Disclaimer

Although gender can be determined as early as 14 weeks, for mommies pre-pregnancy size 18+, it is highly recommended making an appointment after 16 weeks and in some cases 18 weeks may optimal. This will increase the visibility and the accuracy produced by the imaging in your session.

Pregnant Woman Should Remember To Hydrate

Remember to Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water  is not just great for the health of your baby but it will help facilitate the best possible Ultrasound images. Taking in at least six (6) bottles of water for a minimum of five (5) days before your appointment will guarantee you get the great look at your little one. Keeping this habit up will pay dividends as it help the development of your baby’s precious lungs

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