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A Journey Through Pregnancy Week by Week Prologue

 The seed for this idea came to me slowly. I have been a registered OB ultrasound tech since 1990. I have scanned thousands of babies, and, in doing so, noticed a lot of things. In this book, I will tell you some of the things I have observed and, also, some of the things I have intuited based on those observations. I have worked in hospitals, OB offices and now, own my elective 3D/4D and HDLive Studio ultrasound facility since 2007.  

This book is my opinion only and has not been corroborated with anyone else. Your pregnancy is a journey. I just want to help you understand what is going on in there week by week. Some of the information in this book will be things that I have read in articles also that help sew my observations together. This book is in no way supposed to be used in place of, or instead of, prenatal medical care. I am a registered OB/Gyn ultrasound tech and not a doctor. Please follow your medical provider’s instructions. 

    Now, let’s have some fun! 

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