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Please use information for person receiving service.

Baby Dimensions Registration and Liability Form

Please use information for person receiving service.

I hereby state that I understand the ultrasound session I am about to have is in no way a medical or diagnostic procedure. This session is expressly for entertainment purposes only. I further attest that I am currently under an OB/GYN physicians care and that I am scheduled for, or have already had, my screening diagnostic ultrasound. I also state that I will not hold Baby Dimensions, LLC., its owners or any of its employees liable for any medical abnormality or condition that may be discovered. In the event the technologist finds an abnormality, I understand that Baby Dimensions will contact my OB/GYN physician and recommend follow up appointments be made. It is also my understanding that babies do not always lie in perfect position for pictures. If this should happen, Baby Dimensions will bring me back once, at a later time, for a repeat session for better pictures at no charge to me. I further agree that I understand that if I should agree to allow Baby Dimensions to utilize my media for advertisement and social media purposes that I will not receive any royalties or any kind of compensation. I am strictly agreeing for my media to be used for advertisement purposes at Baby Dimensions discretion.

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