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Why it is important to have an ultrasound tech scan your baby who is OB registered by the ARDMS

I have been doing ultrasounds for 32 years. My specialty is OB ultrasound. I decided to start a business 15 years ago where I did an elective ultrasound. When I decided to do this business, there were not very many of them around. I thought that OBregistered ultrasound people would be the only people that would do this business. Over the past few years, I found out that ultrasound techs who were registered in other specialties would be OK with opening an OB elective ultrasound business. I do not think that this is OK. Not because I don’t want the competition. Competition is good for businesses. However, you must be a specialist to do an elective ultrasound on an OB client. Let me tell you the reason why. 


This is very important. If you have clients coming to you. And those clients trust you enough to let you scan their baby with them. It is just for fun or for diagnosis, it does not matter. They must know what they are doing. If you go to someone For any type of ultrasound, and there is a problem, they must know what they are doing in order to find the problem and be able to call your doctor and explain what the problem is. If they have not been registered and studied in the issues of OB ultrasound, They may not recognize or understand what is going on with your baby. They also need to be able to call their physician and tell them what is wrong with their baby. They also must be knowledgeable enough to explain to the position that they need to get this client in and be seen for a diagnostic ultrasound. I encourage all women who want to have this procedure done to ask the ultrasound tech if they are registered by the DMS in OB ultrasound. I know it can be confusing because mini ultrasound techs are starting these facilities up and saying they are registered by the RDMS. they can be registered by the DMS and other modalities. For instance: you can be registered by the RDMS in heart, ultrasounds, or echocardiography. That does not mean they know babies, they know hearts. They can be registered in vascular. That does not mean they are registered in OB. They are registered in vessels, such as arterial or Venusflow structures. If they do not know OB alter sound and they have not been registered by the RDMS in OB ultrasound they may miss something. I am registered in OB/GYN ultrasound and I always look for any kind of problem there may be. If I see there is a problem I will always tell you there is a problem and I will call your doctor. Most of the doctors in this area know me and no I will call them.


Please know you’re ultrasound, tech, and the facility that you will be going to. Many places will just put up any kind of facility with the machine and hope to make some money. We are not like that at baby dimensions. I ask questions, I get to know my people and I will let your doctor know if I see something is wrong. It is the right thing to do and I am not in this thing to get rich. I got into this because I want people to see their babies and I am kind of like a backup. If I see something wrong, I guarantee you I will tell you and I will fight for you and call your doctor and let them know. They will then get you in for a real diagnostic ultrasound and make sure everything is OK with your baby. I am tired of hearing stories about going to other facilities where they do not care they do not talk to their people and they will not communicate problems with their doctor. I have been a clinical instructor for an ultrasound school and I know what to look for. Please call us anytime if you are worried about some thing or you just want to see your baby.


Jil Daniel &
Stacey Livingston RDMS
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