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Why do people have an elective ultrasound done?

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Elective ultrasound is a type of non-medical ultrasound that is performed for non-diagnostic purposes, such as creating keepsake images of the developing fetus. While elective ultrasound does not usually provide any medical benefits, some parents choose to have it for personal reasons, including:

1. Bonding with the baby: Elective ultrasound can provide a unique opportunity for parents and family members to see the baby in real-time, moving, and growing in the womb. This can help them feel more connected to the baby and create a special memory.

2. Gender determination: Elective ultrasound can be performed as early as 14 weeks of pregnancy to determine the baby’s gender, which can be useful for planning and preparing for the baby’s arrival.

3. Family celebrations: Elective ultrasound can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate special events such as baby showers, gender reveal parties or other family gatherings.

4. Reassuring the mother and father: There are some instances when reassurance may be necessary. If there have been previous miscarriages, fertility problems, or just that the baby isn’t moving as much as they usually do. These are all times when an elective ultrasound can be a great way to relieve the stress and worry of the baby’s parents. This is also why it is vitally important that the ultrasound tech is registered in obstetrics, specifically, so they know what they are doing.

It is important to note that elective ultrasound should not be used as a replacement for medical ultrasounds, and it should only be performed by trained professionals. Additionally, parents should be aware that elective ultrasound is not covered by insurance and can be expensive. Overall, elective ultrasound can be a fun and memorable experience for families. Here at Baby Dimensions, Stacey is registered in OBSTETRIC ultrasound, worked as a clinical instructor in the past and has over 33 years of experience. She always pays attention to details.

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