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Since 2007, doctors, midwives, and families have been able to get services from Newnan’s top ultrasound imaging facility. With Unique Ultrasound’s at Baby Dimensions in Newnan, you will get 2D 3D & HD pictures of your child, depending on what package you choose, we do gender Determination on all except the reassurance pkg.  Our prices target individuals without insurance and midwife patients for those with high deductibles. Additionally, we provide appointments on the weekends and in the evenings for your convenience.

You will experience a Unique Ultrasound packed with valuable information about your baby, if that weren’t enough, please feel free to interact by asking questions. Mom and her guests won’t miss a second of the experience thanks to the efforts our 32 year veteran/Owner. 

We bring photos of your unborn child to life using cutting-edge ultrasound technology/incredible knowledge Incorperated during working with an OB Gynecology office.

We manage all ultrasound examinations using a cutting-edge GE Voluson E6. This one is the most incredible 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD ultrasound live machine. The GE Voluson Elite 6 produces amazing imagery accompanied by Stacey scanning, of your kid in motion with the same stunning clarity as its 3D photographs. We are highly skilled, certified professionals with years of OB scanning and in-depth 3D expertise. 

If we see something that concerns us,  we will call your doctor immediately, that is our top priority as owners of this business. You should expect nothing less than what we do anywhere, incredible informative info about Child.

4D Ultrasound at Baby Dimensions 

We started producing a new video, it is filmed live during your ultrasound appointment. Every movement your baby makes throughout your session, including yawns, stretches, thumbs-ups, waves, and summersaults, will be recorded on a avi, for you to watch again and over again. You can purchase it with a package, or choose it all the cart on one of the other packages if it does not come with it.

The ultrasound machine uses sound waves, the safest imaging technology because no radiation is involved, to perform the same imaging functions. The sole distinction is a built-in computer program that converts the photos from 2D to 3D and 4D ultrasound images.

It significantly affects the ammonic fluid, so it is advised that each person consume 1/2 ounce of water (juice or soda does not count) for every pound they weigh. Therefore, whether or not you are pregnant, you should consume at least 75+ ounces of water daily if you weigh 150 pounds. In addition to being essential for your kid’s health, having enough fluid can make the difference between unique and mediocre baby pictures. Every ultrasound we offer comes with a brief diagnostic evaluation in which the sonographers always examine Mom’s fluid levels.

Ultrasound imaging

Anatomical and physiological data about humans can be obtained via ultrasound imaging, a proven clinical imaging technology. Images of the inside of the body are created using sound waves. It aids in determining the origins of discomfort, oedema, and infection in the body’s internal organs, as well as the examination of a developing fetus in pregnant women.

Clinicians frequently use ultrasound imaging to examine newborns’ hips, spine, and brain. Additionally, it aids in guiding biopsies, identifying cardiac diseases, and evaluating heart attack damage. Radiation-free, non-invasive Ultrasound is safe to use. It is one of the most widely used therapeutic imaging procedures since it emits no ionizing radiation and has relatively modest purchase and maintenance expenses.

There is little to no prior preparation needed for this process. Your doctor will advise you on how to be ready, including if you should abstain from food and liquids the day before. Do not wear jewellery, and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. You might have to put on a robe.

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