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HD Ultrasound

What Different Ultrasounds Can Tell You About Your Baby

Why do people have an elective ultrasound done?

Elective ultrasound is a type of non-medical ultrasound that is performed for non-diagnostic purposes, such as creating keepsake images of the developing fetus. While elective ultrasound does not usually provide any medical benefits, some parents choose to have it for personal reasons, including: 1. Bonding with the baby: Elective ultrasound can provide a unique opportunity …

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What is HD ultrasound?

HDLive ultrasound (also known as High-Definition Live or 5D ultrasound) is a variation of 4D ultrasound technology that uses advanced software and hardware to produce high-quality, realistic images of the developing fetus. Unlike traditional 2D ultrasound, which produces flat, grainy, black-and-white images, HDLive ultrasound creates images that are much more detailed and lifelike, with enhanced …

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