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Can elective ultrasounds help siblings bond with the baby in the womb?

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Elective ultrasound is a type of non-medical ultrasound that is performed for non-diagnostic purposes, such as creating keepsake images of the developing fetus. While elective ultrasound does not provide many medical benefits, it can be a fun and exciting way for siblings to bond with the baby before they are born. Seeing the baby’s movements, facial expressions, and features can help siblings feel more connected to the baby and more excited about their upcoming arrival. However, it is important to note that elective ultrasound should not be used as a replacement for medical ultrasounds, and it should only be performed by trained professionals. Additionally, parents should be aware that elective ultrasound is not covered by insurance and can be expensive. Overall, elective ultrasounds can be a fun and memorable experience for families to share together. We love families to bring their children here to Baby Dimensions!

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