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What’s the Difference Between 3D and 4D Ultrasound

3D vs 4D Ultrasound: What’s The Difference?

Becoming a parent is a wish come true and an incredible time in a person’s life. It’s also filled with uncertainty, doubt, anxiety, and worry, especially if it’s your first time. This is why ultrasounds are such an important part of your pregnancy journey. It’s a way for you to peek underneath the curtain, so to speak, and see what your baby is doing while he or she develops in the womb.

As a result, there are several different types of ultrasounds. You might have heard of 3D and 4D ultrasounds, and you might be asking if there’s a difference between 4D ultrasound vs. 3D. If you want to know what is the difference between 3D and 4D ultrasound, this article will tell you all you need to know.

What Is An Ultrasound? Types of Ultrasounds Explained

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves that bounce off an object and form an image of that object. While the image isn’t perfect, it can be used for diagnostic purposes.

The first types of ultrasound images used for pregnancy were 2D ultrasounds, also known as traditional ultrasounds. They’re flat images that give an outline of the baby and his or her insides. If you’ve taken a look at a 2D ultrasound, it can be hard to determine what you’re looking at. A trained ultrasound technician is required to understand what’s actually going on in the image.

As technology progressed, more types of ultrasound became available. 3D ultrasounds produce a three dimensional image of your baby and can help doctors see more intricate details. These details can help in diagnosing potential problems that otherwise would not have been determined until birth.

A four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound takes it to another level by producing a moving picture of your baby. When you see a 4D ultrasound, you’ll be able to connect with your baby in a new way. Seeing your baby move is a thrilling experience and makes it all the more real.

Difference Between 3D and 4D Ultrasound

A 3D ultrasound provides a still 3D image of your baby. With this image, you can see more intricate details of your baby such as eyelashes, lips, limbs, fingers, and more (depending on how much the baby has grown).

A 4D ultrasound is more like a movie or live stream of your baby. With a 4D ultrasound, you get to see your baby move about in the womb. This allows the doctor to see even more of the baby, but more importantly it allows you to form a connection with your unborn child.

Why Get A 4D Ultrasound?

A 4D ultrasound allows you to see your baby move in real time. You already feel what your baby is doing in the womb, but getting to see him or her move is an experience in itself. Not only that, but you can see your baby’s face move, too! Seeing their expressions change in real time is like getting a window into what their time in the womb is like.

3D & 4D Ultrasound Atlanta

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